Friday, November 12, 2010

Fred and Ethel

I just returned from my sister's home (Molly) in Athens, GA where she hosted a wonderful show for me and three of my artist friends. We had lots of fun and sold some art (yea!!) She has some really wonderful friends. I thought I'd post a few more of the paintings I took to the show. I named these guys Fred and Ethel.

And this is Ruby, a commission for a friend of Molly's to give as a gift for her husband. I'm hoping he won't see it, but I think I'm pretty safe!!


  1. These are great! Your brushstrokes are super. I'm sure the woman's husband will really enjoy his painting.

  2. Great paintings. Fred and Ethel are a cute couple. Always like your cow paintings. Glad you had a good show.
    Ruby is quite handsome too.

  3. So good to find your blog and your fabulous paintings. I love your use of color. Gorgeous!