Thursday, June 24, 2010

"What's Up?"

I've finally decided to start a blog, posting my paintings as I get them finished. I'm not quite ready to join the ranks of other "daily painters," creating a painting every day. But I do hope to post several times a week and this will (hopefully) keep me on track to paint every day, even if I don't actually finish a painting every day!

These first several posts will be from a series I'm doing of "The Dogs of Pepper Place." For those of you not familiar with Pepper Place, it's a Saturday morning market featuring local produce, flowers, honey, cheese.... The list goes on and on. There is also an area for artists and art organizations, and Sam and I will be there under the Birmingham Art Association tent on July 3rd from 7am 'til noon. So many people bring their dogs that I decided to create a series of paintings based on photos I've taken.


  1. I'll have to bring my dog, Emerson, so maybe he can be immortalized in beautiful Amy Collins style. :-) I really look forward to following your blog. Love these doggy paintings. I miss Myrtl (the cow) after I gave her to my sister. Don't forget, all my chickens are waiting for their portraits as well. :-)

  2. Hi Amy, congrats on your new your dog pieces as much as I adore your cow pieces...beautiful work.

  3. Amy,

    Great blog and love the Pepper Place dogs as much as the cows (and our beloved longhorn). We're at Pepper Place every Saturday - can't wait to see you and your work.

  4. Amy,

    I have tweeted your blog on both my Twitter and PepperPlace's... hope you get lots of interest on Saturday.

  5. Hi Amy-

    I'm so glad that you are writing a blog. I think your dog paintings are wonderful and I look forward to seeing more!

    Hope to see you soon-